Nuuk Fjord

  • Fin de plongee
  • Belle collecte de coralline

Louis, a sailor and diver I met in Antarctica, and Natasha, a PhD student in earth sciences in Toronto, joined the crew for almost two months. The aim is to search for coralline algae along the West coast of Greenland, from Nuuk to Qaanaaq.

The first week is a busy one, in Nuuk Fjord, with Lina and Emma. Great dives, lots of icebergs, drifting ice and breathtaking under water cliffs... Louis and I are coming up with bags full of coralline, despite some problems with both of our on board compressors. Our colleagues divers from Nuuk, whose compressors also broke down, manage to fill up our tanks, and the mission keeps going till the end. Card games and laughter are showing our success! Lina and Emma are going back to their labs, in Sweden and in England, well loaded with samples.