• Coralline
  • Fin de plongee pour Eric et Louis ile Hakluyt

The coralline mission ended yesterday. Over thirty dives to explore the West coast of Greenland, looking for that red algae telling us about the past of the ocean, sometimes for a few centuries. The larger idea behind this project is to understand the long term evolution of the sea ice. The limestone mounds, collected by scuba diving, contain internal layers similar to tree rings, which can be analyzed in the lab and give information on sea ice duration. Climate archives older than satellites data!

Jochen, Natasha and Louis flew back home from Qaanaaq, where we met again with our friend Hans and his wife. Leonie's drawing is still on the wall in the entrance of their hotel! A breakwater is under construction, to better protect the hunters boats, but the shelter is not good enough for Vagabond and we decide to drop anchor near the old village of Qeqertarssuaq, 20km west. There we spend some family time before sailing to Nunavut.