A photographer artist

  • Sylvain decolle devant objectif Christian Morel
  • Sarah arrose son jardin pour Christian Morel
  • Sheema la main verte
  • Christian court pour photo

Christian Morel is on board, as part of the artist residency I organized. Every day is a challenge to produce images out of step, with Inuit volunteers, on the theme of sea ice. But every photo shared finally offers a good time, good memories for everyone. "It was fun!" Adrian tells me, after waiting for the train in vain, suitcase in hand on the ice at sunset. Or Sarah watering flowers coming out from the ice, William as a shaman in the middle of a circle of fire, Joy placing her bare feet carefully polish on the snow... Even Leonie and Aurore's friends took part and enjoyed it! A web gallery on Qikiqtarjuaq's website will soon show this work for the community. We will also be able to see these images on Vagabond's website soon.

Easter at Tasialuit

  • Petit traineau sur la banquise au pied de la paroi
  • Tasialuit jour de Paques depuis ballon solaire
  • Omble arctique
  • Seance photo nocturne avec Christian Morel

We are back to Tasialuit with our photographer and friend Christian, for the Easter weekend. Beautiful day in the Kangert fiord with our Inuit friends, fishing in a small lake, and doing ice measurements. The solar balloon offers us beautiful aerial images on Easter morning.

Iceberg too close?

  • Iceberg depuis ballon solaire
  • Iceberg proche camp de glace
  • Glaciometre et ballon solaire
  • Iceberg pris par la banquise vu de haut

Takuvik team, with who we are preparing the GreenEdge project, is wondering about the influence of two icebergs, close to the future ice camp... I have to measure the ice thickness in the surroundings, and to take pictures. And I'm using the solar balloon!

Ice island

  • Ile de glace sud-est de Qikiqtarjuaq
  • Tour de l'ile de glace

For 3 years, the same ice island coming from the Petermann glacier (north west Greenland) stayed aground south of Brougton island. We went all around with Eric on a beautiful day by -25°C, passing by the future ice camp site, by the wonderful neighbour iceberg, and through some rough ice. Some windy swirls get up here and there. The island has changed a bit, one piece was separated, two valleys are heading towards the centre... A polar bear is running away on our arrival; we have a picnic sheltered from the wind south of the island, along an endless wall. Variable heights, a snowdrift allows us to reach the top. Although this is early March, we get stuck in the slush: two snowmobiles and one sled, nearby the island! After a lot of effort pushing, wading, manoeuvring, using ropes, we got out of the slush. Opportunity to check that my kamiks are really waterproof! The circumference of the island is more than 17 km!