France and Josée are replacing Nicole, she went back with the helicopter, after 70 days alone on board Vagabond. Temperatures were quite high the last few days and pack ice is now more fragile, sometimes breaking up when walking on it. "Our arrival was a bit tricky! But it is so nice, I'm so happy to see the dogs, and the boat is in so good condition. She is heeling on port, water is a bit high in the toilets, tomorrow snow will be removed from the front deck. It was 20°C on board when we arrived, we turned a little down the heating!" France

Rotation anticipée

Nicole's back is too painful, a repatriation is on going. France and our friend Josée just left Paris, they are in the plane to Longyearbyen, they will then go and replace Nicole on board Vagabond.


"An attempt to set up the dogs on ice near the boat, but snow is becoming water when walking on it, and I cannot let them sleep on that. Dog houses are too heavy for my painful back! So they are still on the deck. I think they got fat, not doing anything! I can walk on ice, but it is still elastic like an old wooden floor. Moon light is great, and all is shining like diamonds." Nicole