• Comparaison stations meteo Vagabond et Grise Fiord

Every day, a weather report is sent to the local airline (Kenn Borek), to our neighbours in Grise Fiord, to the Meteorological Service of Canada, to some scientists, and to few people interested. These observations will be also used to process oceanographic data collected all along the winter. In addition, a Minos weather station was set up on board Vagabond by Météo France in Brest. Minos data are mainly used by weather forecast models (French, English, European (ECMWF), American, Japanese...). They are assimilated with thousands of observations (surface in situ, radiosonde investigations (balloons), satellites...), to represent atmosphere state, essential to predict its evolution. The closest weather station is in Grise Fiord, fifty kilometres from Vagabond.