Polar bear

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"There's a bear out there!", says Aurore with a smile. She is on the deck, ready to go to school. Léonie made a brief exit a few minutes earlier to start the skidoo: "I soon returned, not very reassured by the tracks of the bear that came last night!". Indeed, yesterday in our absence, most of our seal meat reserve was taken.

We watch him from the deck. The bear is going to the village. Then I film France and the girls going by skidoo. The bear starts running, and then turns around and comes back towards Vagabond ...

When arriving at school, Aurore told Steevie (school councillor, deputy mayor, chief of the Rangers, diver and her teacher's husband!), who quickly drove by car with a new teacher... we see them coming to the boat "to take a picture of the bear!". I never stopped following it, using binoculars, it is still there, but a little too far to make a good picture.

In the afternoon, parents are invited to school to listen to their children reading stories in English, and to eat a big ice scream with all kind of stuff on it. After school, we are invited to Jessie's birthday. Meanwhile, the bear probably finishes his digestion, because in the late evening, our dog suddenly barks.

This time the bear eats all, our dog food is gone. After shooting three flares, and with the help of our well barking dog, the animal ends up walking away.