Blue Soul shooting

  • Samantha s apprete a voir sous la banquise
  • Les dessous de la glace
  • Samantha decouvre le monde cache par la banquise avec Laurent
  • Iceberg pour grimper et plonger

Laurent and his team left this morning, after eleven days of intensive shooting. Florent and his camera, Jacques and his underwater camera, and Joel and his camera, have been following Laurent. He directed their activities day by day, following his script. Cedric, free diver and partner of the trip, could stay six days only, he left very happy.

For us, as with each visiting team, it started with a few days of preparation. Presenting their project and their intentions, establishing contacts with the municipality, and with local divers. Finding cheap accommodation in the village (a real challenge!), a snowmobile and a sled for rental, and tent, stove, auger, ice pick, diving equipment... Organizing a meeting with students at school, another one at the community hall, a throat singing session, and most of all the diving trips. Defining sites, making holes in the ice, watching for bears, and filling up tanks every night on board Vagabond. But what a pleasure to create a link between these courageous visitors and this isolated community.

The villagers remember the free diving session for all last September, thanks to various wet suits brought from France. Many young and older people were candidates to go under the ice, ready to brave all their fears. Edmond, Samantha and Dion, the lucky ones, had the opportunity to slip a suit and bravely try some dives with Laurent: very beautiful but very cold!

France and I too enjoyed some free dives with Laurent near our dear iceberg. It was a real delight to admire it without the heaviness of the aqualung, and without bubbles! Jacques never stopped filming these moments. And in the evening, our friends had some fresh clams that I had picked up earlier, diving with a tank this time.

The team did not see the bear, but watched many northern lights. They shared happy moments with the people from Qikiqtarjuaq, on top and under the ice. Laurent gave away some wet suits, it was a big day. Already, we are asked if they will come back next summer.