Bellot Strait

  • France ouvre la cabane de Fort Ross

Jochen suggested us five sites near Bellot Strait. Every time, it is now a routine, we first look for a good anchorage for Vagabond, we launch the dinghy, and two people are exploring the sea floor using an echo sounder, to make sure we remain between 10 and 20 meters deep, and with the underwater video, which is dropped drown to the seabed. Then, having our eyes riveted on the little screen, it is all about finding the much talked-about pink crust on the rocks, and trying to guess if it is thick enough and worth diving for sampling...

Leonie takes part in one of these search, a windy day. She comes back frozen but happy after a good breath of fresh air!

It is quite moving for France and me to be back to Bellot Strait. 13 years ago, we stopped here, happy to be almost out of the Northwest Passage. This morning, we are visiting again Fort Ross cabins, where most sailors are leaving a message or signature. Aurore and Leonie are already dreaming about spending the winter here, in the nice cabin maintained by the Coast Guards!

A few miles away, the video is giving some hope. Luckily, the sea is calm. We drop anchor, we put on our dry suits, and here we are in the dinghy, heavily rigged out (about 50kg equipment each!). France drops us at the chosen site, and watches over from the nearby island waiting for us to be back. Beautiful dive: Yves and I are following a steep slope, going with the current, staying around 15 meters deep. The cliff is full of life, the rock is covered with pink coralline, but too thin. Disappointed again.