Bears and search

  • Ours pres du detroit de Bellot

If you look for Coralline, you may find... bears! At the end of a chain of islands, south of Bellot Strait, where search isn't giving much, we discern an white rock; but is goes into the water. Right at the location we are about to search, so the bear who tried to go south is now going back to the island. This time three of us are in the dinghy, instead of two, to keep an eye at the bear while dropping down the video.

Prince Regent Inlet is not giving us much coralline. After a few days and nights of sailing without going ashore, and a lot of disappointing search, we drop anchor late in the afternoon at the last site before crossing the Gulf of Boothia to Fury and Hecla Strait. We first all go for a needed trip on land. Girls are soaking their feet as much in ponds as in mud or in sand. Back on board, Celine and Alicia are searching for coralline, while Yves is setting up the search light for night sailing, others are busy in the engine room or in the kitchen, the young ones are watching a cartoon. The search is promising. Early the next morning, I bring Eric and Yves by dinghy to the site, and while I'm going up the nearby hill in the morning light, they are doing a great harvest at last.

About polar bears, another one could be called "the gybe bear". Peaceful bear, on a beach on Prince Leopold Island, north of Prince Regent Inlet. To watch him better, we went strait to him, main sail out following wind. But it became gusty by the coast and we gibed just on time to avoid giving him a kiss!