An artistic epic

  • 20200315 Maude et Mathurin rencontrent les inuit de l atelier d art ©France Pinczon du Sel
  • 20200318f Maud et Mathurin decouvrent le quamutiq ©France Pinczon du Sel
  • 20200320 Fin residence artistes ©Maude Fumey

This period is a good time to look back, at least since the first lockdown, when Maude and Mathurin from the group ToNNe, street shows makers, arrived onboard Vagabond. A nice story to tell.

For me it all began a year earlier with the desire to offer a second artist residency onboard Vagabond, which would question about climate change, in order to awake the consciousness of young people on the future of our overheated planet. A sharing between artists, scientists and Inuits, between witnesses, researchers and scaffolders of other possibilities.

And this desire became real thanks to Caroline Raffin, director of Le Fourneau, National Scene of Street Arts in Brest... and mother of Aurore's friend Tinaïg!

The coming of Mathurin Gasparini, artistic director of the group ToNNe, and Maude Fumey, actress, got organized. They arrived in March as planned in Arctic Bay, while Eric, stuck on board the ice-breaker Polarstern further north, did not manage to meet them; the pandemic had already set in.

Maude and Mathurin were preparing a creation: "NuNaVuT!". The first Sunday during the drawing workshop at school, exchanges began promising with the Nunavummiuts... But two days later, new sanitary rules fell: no more contact with the inhabitants of Arctic Bay, and the French embassy even hurry its nationals to return to the country.

Alone on board, by Aurore

Back home, Maude and Mathurin shared their diary "Days Too Short in Nunavut". And Mathurin's fertile spirit quickly found a new axis from this adventure: "NuNaVut!" became "North-West Passage!". The lockdown was used to work on this new show about past and future explorations of the far North, which also approach climate change. Under the excellent form of an adventure theater for public places, leading their donkeys on foot through the Pays de Quimperlé (Brittany), they experimented and refined their creation. Le Fourneau filmed this public experiment.

Long live creation!


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