Taking the boat out

  • Sortie de Vagabond a Miquelon
  • Rangement trinquette

At the first try, the machine didn't make it to bring the boat out of the water, and the boss didn't want to add another machine to help. So he told us that they were gonna put the boat back in the water at midnight. The next day, dad ask the boss to try again with another machine and it worked!!! Yes!!!

On land?

  • Vagabond tout juste sorti de l eau a Miquelon
  • Vagabond 28 tonnes

... But everything does not go smoothly as on wheels, especially with those of the Boat Lift which should bring Vagabond out of the sea: once our boat is well secured on this trolley, the wheels slip on the slope too steep of the slipway. After many attempts the operator deduces that Vagabond is finally too heavy. We are concerned... Where could we go if it does not work here? But time has passed and the tide no longer allows us to go back down into the water. Vagabond is stuck at mid-slope perched on this trolley! We will wait for the high tide at midnight to refloat Vagabond, without being able to get on board. Opportunity to speak about the welcome of the Miquelonians since a house is loaned to us by the Boat Lift company.

The next day at high tide, a tractor is hooked to reinforce the Boat Lift and Vagabond comes out of the water easily.

Acrobatics for a genoa

  • Assistance inesperee
  • Genois coince

Afloat, we take advantage of the calm to haul down the genoa which will need to be repaired. But he does not go down, stuck at mid-slope! It is the profile of the reel that makes an elbow, and this since Vagabond encountered an iceberg three years ago... So I put on my harness and slip along the profile from the crow's nest. While I try unsuccessfully to open a stuck shackle, a nice France Elevator's truck is visiting us! Jonathan, of the municipal services, gently offers his help. "I did not expect to save a woman in the air today!" he laughs. "And she has the same name as your truck!" says Eric. So two of us perched in his nacelle, with big shots of mass we finally succeed to bring down this genoa.


  • Eglise de Miquelon
  • Famille en combis de plongee

Friday night, Vagabond is doing a last stop in Canada, on the island of Ramea, near the south coast of Newfoundland. Good walk ashore, beautiful encounters, before heading towards Miquelon, our final destination. Just over 800 miles from Goose Bay. Here we are in France! Last night doing watches, the day rises, the mist is thick, we see almost nothing of the archipelago... But the welcoming on the ground is very warm, and everything looks good to have Vagabond set up here for some months. Anyway we need to wait until Monday to meet with the technical team, so we take advantage of the weather for a day of diving at the Pointe du Chapeau, close to the village. The water is at 10°C, and it is the opportunity, so long awaited, for Aurore and Leonie, to do a first dive! A little shortened for Aurore as she was getting cold while Leonie was under water. Shared happiness.

My first dive with tank

  • Leonie bapteme plongee a Miquelon
  • Dernieres explications avant premiere plongee Leonie

First it was super!!! I did it with Dad, I was a bit nervous, so we didn't go really deep. We have seen a lot of crabs, but the time that I explained to Dad, the crab was already gone. When I got out of the water, I was a little bit cold, so when Aurore told me that she was going into a fresh water lake and it was hot I followed her right away!

Rose Blanche

  • Histoire de Rose Blanche
  • Square Rose Blanche

Do Rose Blanche is a name adapted to that village? Yes and no!

No because when we arrive we see some white rocks. (and not some white roses)

Yes because when we went visit the village we have seen quite a lot of white roses.

Why the name of Rose Blanche? It's a deformation of the French word white rocks.